These are just a few of the recent or current projects the practice has been involved in.  On average, we deal with something in excess of 200 projects a year. These range from advice on minor structural problems right through to the design of major building structures. Projects cover the residential, commercial, retail and industrial sectors. Clients include developers, building owners, insurance companies, builders and other construction professionals seeking specialist advice.



Some of these pictures show sites before construction. They will be updated as the work progresses,.... probably.


3 storey restaurant extension to a listed hotel in Sussex.  
Existing steel portal framed industrial unit increased in height by 3m to accommodate a mezzanine floor  
New steel and timber roof support structure to 1920,s country house was designed following damage caused by roof spread and failure of original inappropriate design.  
Strengthening and rebuilding of failing retaining walls, South London  
8 Flats over 5 storeys and ground level retail development at Canary wharf on old bomb site.  
Enclosure to existing swimming pool, Hartfield  
Conversion of listed barn to residential use, Hemel Hemstead  
New retail store in Newmarket for national retail client. Piled raft, steel framed.  
Following the near demolition of the gable end of a cottage by a run away car, extensive structural repairs were required both internally and externally.  
A 1950's house was suffering extra-ordinary roof spread, sagging roof and distorted external walls. Remedial works involved jacking up the roof, extensive strengthening and reconstruction of the external walls.  
A conversion and first floor extension experienced extreme structural movements even before construction was complete.  BSA were called in to identify the problem and design remedial works  to stabilise the roof and re-align ridge and fascias.  
Design of foundation to landscape structure intended for country house in Ireland  
Design of new building for private school. Elevated piled raft with double curvature roof.  
Structural assessment of an estate of four 1950's blocks of apartments and subsequent design of  additional storey to each building.  
New retail unit.  Steel portal frame with loadbearing masonry extension.  
Planning, design and site supervision of cantilever steel framed, timber clad terraces on gable wall of masonry country house.  
5 storey building, residential over retail in Silvertown, London.  Piled raft foundations and reinforced concrete frame and core with flat slabs.  
New retail unit. Steel framed on piled raft. Horrendous ground conditions requiring continuous design changes during construction.  
New hospital building. 3 storey braced steel frame. Precast concrete floors. Sub-basement.  
New industrial storage unit.   Steel portal frame on piled raft part over infilled old railway cutting  
Barn Conversion to residential dwelling  
Listed timber framed barn. Structural assessment and design for conversion to dwelling.  
Refurbishment of existing office building for HQ of national retailer.   Various structural alterations including new elliptical staircase through 3 storeys.

Piled through existing RC suspended floor and formation of stair well through RC trough floors.